An Animated Film

Wolf Dog Tales

Wolf Dog Tales



The Story Behind the Film

The Inspiration

Bernadine, a filmmaker with a passion for social good, created this film after completing a journey across her homeland of New Mexico, listening to storytelling from elders in the indigenous Pueblo, Hispano, and Diné/Navajo communities.

This life-changing experience not only reconnected Bernadine to her history, it convinced her of the power of ancient legends and stories in creating a better future. 

From this, Wolf Dog Tales was born.

Internationally Award Winning

The Film

Wolf Dog Tales is an animated film inspired by ancient stories from New Mexico of what animals teach us about respecting life and the earth.

The film has been celebrated at top festivals and organizations around the world, ranging from the United Nations to Comic Con International, San Diego (Winner, Best Animated Film).

More importantly, countless people of all ages and backgrounds have shared how the film has positively touched their lives.

Faux Sand Painting Animation

The Animation

An original animation technique called "faux sand painting animation™" was created for Wolf Dog Tales by the film's animator, Igor. Igor used a variety of innovative approaches, including stop motion sand animation, sand painting animation, and wind erosion animation.

You can learn more about faux sand painting animation™ here.

The Artists

Bernadine - Director

Bernadine was born and raised in northern New Mexico where her family has lived for over 400 years. The unique blend of her Native American and indigenous Spanish cultures is part of the inspiration for Wolf Dog Tales. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Bernadine worked in venture capital. She studied engineering at Stanford and finance at the Wharton School of Business.


Igor - Animator & Designer

Igor is an Emmy Award winning animator/designer classically trained at Zagreb Film school of animation. He has developed a variety of leading-edge animation projects that have been honored across the globe and at acclaimed venues that include the World Economic Forum at Davos.

Robert Mirabal - Music

Robert is a 2-time Grammy Award winning Native American artist residing on the sacred mountain of Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. He can be found performing around the world in venues such as New York's Lincoln Center and Washington's Smithsonian.

Larry Fessenden - WolfDog Voice

Larry is an icon in the New York independent film community. An award-winning writer, director and producer of numerous films, Larry is also a talented, sought-after actor, working with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch.

WolfDog World

Inspired by Wolf Dog Tales

As Wolf Dog Tales made its way around the world, numerous requests were made to purchase items related to the film. It seemed people wanted to hold these images and positive messages close to them.

After much listening, we created WolfDog World.