It all started with an animated film called Wolf Dog Tales.

Bernadine, a filmmaker with a passion for social good, created this film after completing a journey across her homeland of New Mexico, listening to storytelling from elders in the indigenous Pueblo, Hispano, and Diné/Navajo communities.

This life-changing experience not only reconnected Bernadine to her history, it convinced her of the power of ancient legends and stories in creating a better future. 

From this, Wolf Dog Tales was born—a film with ancient stories of what animals teach us about respecting life and the earth.

Wolf Dog Tales went on to be celebrated at top festivals around the world, with countless people expressing how the film touched their lives. What’s more, K12 teachers started reaching out, asking to use Wolf Dog Tales as a teaching tool in their classrooms.

A big believer in equity through education, this inspired Bernadine to assemble a team of creators and educators to develop the Wolf Dog Workshop—K12 educational curriculum that uses digital media and storytelling to teach literacy skills to youth in underserved communities.

WolfDog World is the next journey in a mission of sharing legends and stories that inspire a better world.