Find Your Hero

Legend & story-inspired merch, reminding us to be the hero of our story.

Animated Film Trailer

Wolf Dog Tales

There are many legends of what animals teach us about respecting life and the earth.

Wolf Dog Tales is an animated film that retells a few of these stories and is the original inspiration for WolfDog World.


Caps, Tees, Totes & Art

WolfDog Collection

Legends say the wolf taught humans how to work together as a pack. And take care of the vulnerable and the earth.

The world needs each of us to find our wolf.

Caps, Tees, Totes & Art

Courage Collection

The eagle reminds us that the paths we choose become the story of our life.

By choosing courage, we can be the hero of our story.

Caps, Tees, Totes & Art

Choice Collection

The morning star shows us that we have power in every choice we make.

And choice is our power to do good.

Caps, Tees, Totes & Art

Wisdom Collection

This ancient symbol of the medicine man's eye reminds us that with wisdom, we can bring balance to life and the earth.

Let's seek it. And share it.