Storytelling that Engages, Educates & Empowers

Communities & Youth

Wolf Dog Art & Education (WDAE) merges storytelling, digital media, and art to engage, educate, and inspire communities & children.  

Our work has been experienced around the globe, at film festivals, libraries, art exhibitions, community events, universities, conferences and in K12 public schools, private schools, charter schools, and after school programs. 

Wolf Dog Tales 
An animated film with ancient stories of what animals teach us about respecting life and the earth.
 • Under consideration for Oscar nomination during its year of release. 
 • Honored at leading film festivals and venues, including the United Nations.
 • Received numerous awards, including “Best Animated Film”, Comic Con International, San Diego.
 • Currently translating the film to 10+ languages for re-release.
Wolf Dog Workshop 
K12 curriculum that uses storytelling and digital media to teach literacy skills & social emotional learning. 
 • Completed a 14-lesson Common Core-aligned unit (for 3rd, 4th & 5th grades). Includes a Teacher Lesson Plan Book, a Student Workbook and 20 pieces of digital media aligned with the teaching objectives of each lesson.
 • Piloted the curriculum in the US and India.
 • Used by 1+ million students, many in underserved communities.
 • Leveraged by schools in India for teacher professional development. 
 • Invited to present the curriculum at numerous regional & national education conferences.

Wolf Dog Workshop - Bi-literacy 
K12 curriculum that teaches Spanish as a second language.
 • Created new lessons, including enhanced online digital tools.
 • Piloted in several k12 classrooms. 
 • Currently preparing the materials for distribution. 

Wolf Dog Digital Art
An international digital media art exhibit connecting children to the stories of our elders. 
 • Three month exhibit at the prestigious State Library of Queensland, Australia.
 • Participated in a five year exhibit touring Australia, sponsored by the State Library of Queensland.

Bernadine is a filmmaker, writer & digital media artist. She was born and raised in New Mexico where her family has lived for over 400 years. The unique blend of her indigenous Native American and Spanish history inspires her art. Bernadine also has a background in venture capital & private equity, working for companies such as GE and Bill Gates’ personal invention fund, Global Good. She has an MBA from the Wharton School, an MA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MS from Stanford University.